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hibiki brings you onibus coffee, tokyo japan
imported direct and arrived 17th of November to melbourne

Kenya Washed
Guatemala Washed
Ethiopia Washed
Flavour Notes: Berry, Citric, Chocolate, Creamy mouthfeel, Long aftertaste
Roasting Date: 02/11/2021

A signature blend for espresso. Also good for filter!

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This month we bring you Onibus Coffee, the most popular specialty coffee destination in Tokyo. Heavily inspired by the coffee and coffee culture in Australia, Atsushi san -- founder/director of Onibus, wanted to build a community in Tokyo just like the ones in here where people come to the same cafe every day and talk to each other, and where baristas and customers all know each other. With the idea of fostering such human connections, Atsushi san picked the name “Onibus”, which in Portuguese translates to ‘Public Bus’, a bus for everyone. He is hoping to connect coffee with people and places and blend it into their everyday life through his own brand. 

"The warmth from hand to hand, which plays a part in the communication that connects people. It connects dots and connects from dot to dot. "ONIBUS" is a Portuguese word that has the etymology of "public bus" and "for everyone". Everyday connecting people from bus stop to bus stop. We named it Onibas Coffee with the idea of ​​connecting people like a bus. We will deliver a cup of coffee that blends into your daily life."-Onibus Coffee, Shibuya, Tokyo.

To know more about Onibus Coffee, click here!

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